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Do you fancy reading a comic?

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3rd ESO students have revised that grammar and vocabulary seen this course through different activities. Creating comics about False Friends, Computer and Technology or the order of the adjectives have been some of the examples.

The Alphabet Game

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3rd ESO students have been revising vocabulary by creating a game, “The Alphabet Game” (similar to that “Pasapalabra” we are used to playing on Spanish TV)

This has been their first attempt. Ready to play??

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-03 a la(s) 23.20.36How to create this game: LINK


Cambridge tests

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Many students are taking external exams this week.  Some of them are Young Learners, others will take Cambridge KET and PET for Schools and others Cambridge First Certificate exams.

Your dedication to your studies and your hard work over time will pay off.   Good luck!

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TIME magazine

Opinion essay – 2nd Bachillerato

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Working for the youngest!!

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Monster in a Box (3º B Primaria)

Monster in a Box (3º A Primaria)

The Emergency (4º B Primaria)

The Ghost (5º A de Primaria)

The Story of the Tea (6º B Primaria)

Pharrell Williams

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Do you fancy singing with Pharrell Williams?


3rd ESO students have been preparing some activities related to the Reading Day. Well-known sayings as the ones in the pictures have approached us to famous people  and the stories behind them.Día del libro 13-14 la foto (1) la foto (2) copia la foto (1) copia



Notas de corte 2013-14

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Test your level

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