Students form 3rd ESO up to 2dn Bachiller are being involved in a Mini Project during these weeks in order to improve those 4 skills practiced in class as well as some key Competences:

* communication in foreign languages

* mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology

* digital competence

* learning to learn

* social and civic competences

* sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

* cultural awareness and expression

The steps given have been the following:

1st. Students join in groups of 4/5 and choose a current issue to be discussed by their classmates.

2nd. It’s time to look for specific information about it- select videos in their target language, read newspaper articles and any other source of information… (They use their abilities on new technologies)

3rd. Their next aim is to prepare a PPT or any kind of document for their partners to present the issue. This must include vocabulary they may need when talking, for and against ideas…

4th They organise in small groups and start their debate using the English language.

4th December- 2nd B Bachillerla foto 4la foto 1la foto 2la foto 3

4th December- 2nd A Bachiller

la foto 1 la foto 2 la foto 3



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