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Getting ready for PAU tests:


2.- Have a look at page 9 in “Guía PAU”

Here you will find the structure of your test and those types or essays asked

Let’s have a look at the different essays through the years:


–  Write a letter to a friend who has an addiction giving him/her advice. (June 2000)

–  Several reasons have forced you to emigrate.Write a letter to a friend giving reasons for your decision. (June 2001)

–  Write a letter to a friend saying why you are in favour of or against the social phenomenon of the ‘botellón’. (June 2004.- and for and against)

–  Write a letter to a friend saying why he/she should stop smoking. (September 2005)


-Describe the ideal family (June 2001)
-An ideal place to live (June 2001 + September 2004)
-Describe your ideal type of boy or girl (June 2003)
-Describe your perfect school  (September 2005)
-Is ours a violent society? Why? In what ways? (June 2001)
-Causes and consequences of terrorism (June 2001)
-Do you think we have racial problems in the Canary Islands? (June 2001)
-The power of advertising (September 2002)
-Describe problems teenage mothers may encounter (September 2002)
-Why do you think the teenage pregnancy rate is increasing in some European countries? (September 2002)
-Cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, etc, are popular stimulants nowadays. What do you think these and other stimulants mean to young people? (September 2002)
-What can we do to contribute to a more ecological world? (September 2005)
-For and against of being vegetarian (June 2006)
-Why do some students experience behavioural problems? (June 2006)
-What would you do to solve behavioural problems in schools? (June 2006)
-Are today´s teenagers really so different from teenagers in previous decades? (September 2006)
-Violent video games: a new addiction? (September 2006)
-Do you think that new technologies (Internet, iPods, Messenger) are changing the way teenagers behave and live their lives in the 21st century? (September 2006)
-Do you think Internet can become addictive? Give reasons (June 2007)
-Explain what you use the Internet for. (June 2007)
-Give your opinion about the devastating consequences of global warming (September 2007)
-How do you think you could contribute to the preservation of our planet? (September 2007)
-Are all animals equally important and necessary? Give reasons (June 2008)
-Why do you think some animals became extinct and others are in danger of extinction? (June 2008)
-Do you think that Spanish kids are like British kids and have similar problems? (September 2008)
-What can be done to integrate kids into society? How can we prevent them from being violent, taking drugs, drinking heavily and being promiscuous? (September 2008)
-What can be done to reduce the number of car accidents? (June 2009)
-How do you think technology can prevent road accidents? (June 2009)
-What do you think about the government´s new law? (September 2009)
-What role can schools and parents play in preventing teenage pregnancies? (September 2009)
-Do you think that You Tube is a powerful tool in today´s society? Give reasons (June 2010. Option A)

– What is your opinion about eco-friendly products? Do you think they are an urgent need or just a passing fachion? (June 2010. Option B)

-How has the financial crisis affected daily life in Spain? (September 2010. Option A)

-What is your opinion about giving more power to students in schools? (September 2010. Option B)
-What do you think of the future for young people like you in Spain? (June 2011)
-Write about ehether you are in favour or against nuclear power plants (June 2011)
-What kind of media devices do you usually use and what for? (September 2011)
-What can be done to protect the environment and reduce global warming? Give reaons (Spetember 2011)


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