1st Term

1.- Diagnostic Test


Handed in on the 29th September

Matt Groening .-  Valentín Berto

Pink.- Tamara Rus

Katy Perry .- Vanesa Montaner

Marc Márquez.- Jesús Ferrer

Carlos Sanjuan.- The Game

Rossi, The Doctor.- Nacho Díaz

Destiny`s child.- Natasha Jaria EXCELLENT!!!

Hugh Laurie.– Sergio Climent

Demi Lovato.- Ana María Navarro & Julia Peiró

Fast & Furious.- Miguel Angel Benito

Danny Macaskill.- Borja Albanell

Practising Relative Clauses


2.- Describing celebrities. Before playing this game you will need to revise:

1.- adjectives to describe someone’s physical appearance

2.- comparison and superlative

3.- relative clauses ( WHO)



Student A

Student B


                                                                             ROLEPLAYING – Dubai Project

3.- We are travelling to Dubai. Ss will create a document/ PPT to sell their option to their partners at the end of the Project.


1.- In pairs they arrange everything at a travel agency: days to stay, hotel (insert a video and a gallery with images), flight timetable (paste a map to show our way from Gandia to Dubai), trip from Gandia to….



2.- Go Shopping for clothes for their destination (talk about the temperature )
3.- Meet at the airport to buy the tickets (invent a conversation were you show your expectations, your feelings at that moment, the currency – la moneda del país- …)



4.- At the hotel (the receptionist will show them a map of the main places to visit – insert a link to Google Earth –  as well as information about the excursions to enjoy)


5.- At a party (a guide will tell them about their culture & religion)


EXPOSITION DAY (first week in November)

Exposition 1 (Nacho & Valentín)

Exposition 2 (Miguel Ángel & Carlos)

Exposition 3 (Borja)

Exposition 4 (Sergio & Jesús)

Exposition 5 (Natasha, Ana María y Julia)

Exposition 6 (Vanesa y Tamara)


Playing Taboo

4.- Let’s practice vocabulary playing with some Taboo cards

Partner 1iStock_000010676885XSmall_0

Partner 2

It’s time to create your own Taboo cards:

Choose one of the list of words and look for them – words to be used: clothes, jobs, fruit, vegetables, parts in a house, furniture & objects in a house,  adjectives to describe a person / place, places in a city, parts of your body, verbs used in the kitchen, the weather, school objects, family members, sports.

Then, individually, create your own Taboo Game with 10 cards.


Nacho Díaz: Jobs

Valentín Bertó: Fruit

Sergio Climent: Sports

Tamara: Parts of the body

Julia Peiró: Clothes

Carlos: Parts in a house

Miguel Ángel:  Objects at school

Borja Albanell: Vegetables

Ana María:  Adjectives to describe a person

Jesús: Objects & Furniture in a house

Vanesa: Family members

Natasha: Places in a city

Taboo questionnarie


LINK 1  (songs)



Curricular activity: Create your own kahoot with questions from all the subjects you are studying at school this course.


Sergio Climent

Tamara Rus

Vanesa Montaner

Julia Peiró

Valentín Bertó

Nacho Díaz

Natasha Fernandes

Carlos Sanjuan

Miguel Ángel Benito

Jesús Ferrer

GUESSING THE TITLEfilm_trailer_fridays_banner

Sending the T 4 trailers & Titles of films the whole class knows.

They must explain/describe / provide some clues to their partner in order to get him/her guess the title













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