2nd Term

Irregular Verbs

Revising Irregular Verbs

Irregular Verbs questionarie


Film: The Equalizer


1.– The Equalizer. Let’s watch the film (in English!!!)

2.- Work on the WEBQUEST about the film

3.- HMK for your weekend: Have a look at these vocabulary in films


Listening Comprehension Questions

 Have a look!

Ashton Kutcher

Taylor Swift

Will Smith


Let’s create your own Webquest about Film Curiosities. You must write 10 questions. Don’t forget to add all those links you have previously visitied so that your classmates can answer your questions searching those webs.

Some questions could be:

1.- Which is the most expensive film ever produced?

2.- Why did the Avatars receive the names given?

3.- Which is the longest trailer in history?

4.- How many films has Silvestre Stallone participated in?

5.- Who is the best-paid actress in Hollywood?

6.- Look for 5 funny outtakes (tomas falsas) in your favourite film.

7.- Which was the first company to sell the soundtracks of its films?

8.- Which has been the mostly seen film in history?


Student’s Webquests:

Borja Albanell

Miguel Ángel Benito

Valentín Bertó

Oscar Bertó

Sergio Climent

Nacho Díaz

Jesús Ferrer

Natasha Jaria

Vanesa Montaner

Ana María Navarro

Julia Peiró

Tamara Rus: Formulario

Carlos Sanjuan

Román Tarrasó


Now mark your classmates’ work


Working on Adjective comparison


Activities 1

Actv 2

Actv 3

questionnaire (adjectives – future tense –  modals)

Revising vocabulary (pay special attention to those links dealing with sports & hobbies)

Link 1


Link 1



Adverbs formation

Working on the Project

1.-  Look for a list of hobbies (clasify them in intellectual/ physical…). This LINK may help you. As well as THIS one

2.- Look for unusual hobbies

 3.-Choose a sport / hobbie: (characteristics, rules if it is a sport, where si it practised?, number of participants…) Have a look at THIS

4.- Use the comparative of adjectives to tak about your sport / hobbie and others

5.- Present your work to your classmates

Student’s Work:

Borja Albanell √

Miguel Ángel Benito √

Valentín Bertó √

Oscar Bertó √

Sergio Climent √

Nacho Díaz √

Jesús Ferrer √

Natasha Jaria  √

Vanesa Montaner  NP

Ana María Navarro  NP

Julia Peiró √

Tamara Rus  √

Carlos Sanjuan

Román Tarrasó  √


Password Game to revise Sports

Password Solutions


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