3rd Term

Newspaper Project (Link to their Blog)

The Guardian


Daily News

BBC News

We are going to create a newspaper /Blog / Magazine about our School. You must collect information, photographies, interviews… about any event taking place at Escolapias School during the following months.

Here you are some ideas:

* Fallas (creation, “plantà” and “cremà): Tamara Rus & Ana María

* Artistic Bachillerato Exposition

* End of course trip to Paris – Carlos Sanjuan & Natasha Jaria

* Sports events: padel competition:Román Tarrasó & Miguel Ángel

* teachers-students-parents competitions

* Family Day at School

* Madre Paula: Julia Peiró & Vanessa Montaner

* Daily work: Borja Albanell & Valentín Bertó

Nacho Díaz, Óscar Bertó, Sergio Climent & Jesús

Film Activities

Film Questionnarie

Film Activities:

1.- Types of films 1   + Activity 2  + Crossword Puzzle

2.- Avatar.- Listening comprehension questions

3.- Exploring Listening activities about films

4.- Vocabulary

British vs American English

Have a look at some of these videos (at least 4) and practice with these activities.

  Cultural differences in Words

Reading Plan

Have a look at one of the following chapters and answer the comprehension questions


Revising WH questions


Listening: WILL SMITH

1) What doesn’t he really differentiate in his mind?
          – Big and small films.
          – His son and his daughter.
          – Star wars and Titanic
2) Which film changed his life?
          – Titanic
           – Star wars
           – Avatar
3) What is he always looking for?
             – A combination between sweet moments and tragic moments
               – A combination between romantic and scary moments
               – Funny films
4) Who is the person that talked for the New York Company?
             – Britney Spears
             – Marlom Brando
             – Tom Cruise

Prefixes & Suffixes


Final Course Trip


Have a look at the following Webquest about Great Britain in order to get some ideas before starting with your work on the French city.


Now it’s your turn…. let’s fly to Paris

Plane crash

We have all heard about the horrible plane accident las week. Read some information about it and practice your speaking skill with this Link. Here you are some vocabulary you may need.

Revising activities

Excercise 1 .- Comparison

Grammar revision


Practising Conditionals.  have alook at the following activities online:

Reading Newspaper today

The Guardian


Daily News

BBC News

Film curiosities & Trailers for the weekend

Link 1

Link 2

Opposite Adjectives

List of opposites


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Who wants to be a millionaire? (play an online game)

Create your own Who wants to be a millionaire game with opposite adjectives questions

Listen to this video about adjectives


Watch the first 20 minutes of the film and write down all the adjectives you may hear.


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