UNIT 1

ORAL1.- adjectives to describe someone

ORAL2.- Getting to know each other: Talk about yourself


LIST1.- Being a Celebrity Lookalike.Extra List Practice2.VP1

ORAL3.- Job interview



ORAL4.-  Role Play.- Mother-son (studies)

LIST2.- Self-made Man. Extra List Practice 3. TPM1


1. What did Tom do before do the film?
a) speak with survivers and their families
b) read articles and watch documentaries
c) both of them.

2. The survivers’ families were:
a) sad
b) open to explain what happened
c) happy to know about the topic of the film

3. What did Tom think about Noemi Watts?
a) She didn’t take care about him.
b) She was incredible.
c) She was a good actress

4. How was to be surrounded by all those stories?
a) awful
b) sad
c) amazing

5. They tried to do the film:
a) in a sad way
b) with a lot of respect
c) interesting

6. Which relation had Tom with the main actors
a) feeling like a family
b) professional
c) very special
7. How many times does Tom meet with Lucas, the surviver?
a) four – five times
b) one -two times
c) three – four times
8. What is the opinion of Jami Philbrick about the film?
a) He thinks it is interesting and exciting
b) He loves the film and Tom’s performance
c) He cried when he saw the film


ORAL6.- Password.- Student A

ORAL6.- Password.- Student B


LIST3.- Hypnosis. Listening Test 1. TM1


ORAL5.- Planning & making suggestions



LIST8.- Looking for your roots. Extra List Practice 1 VWP1


LIST9.- Ghost Bikes. Extra List Pract3. VWP1


LIST10.- Sports Psychology. Extra List Pract 5 Top Marks 1

ORAL7. Baker Street


HELP to talk about the past

ORAL8.- break their alibi


ORAL9.- Marriage problems

ORAL10.- Police officer & a fine


LIST11 .- Scams.- Extra Listening Valid1 Students Audio CD T27

LIST12 Teens & Sleep.- Listening Test 6 TPM1

LIST13.- A little Million pieces. Listening 4 TPM1

LIST 14.- Watching Sport. Extra Listening Valid1 Students Audio CD T31



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