Listening Practice FCE  (you must use Firefox this time)


Speaking: discuss with your partners the following images:

1.-Living abroad:  Pros & Cons


2.- What kind of things may cause problems between parents & children?






– Sky News (noticias)

– United Kingdom TV channels (online)

1. In the opinion of the people, who should be the next Pope? which characteristics should he have?

a. Being Black
b. Being Latin
c. Both (a and b)

2. Where is Pope going to instruct the Christian community?
a. In Berlin
b. Vatican city
c. Wellington

3. Is the Christian topic very important for Christian people?
a. Yes
b. No
c. I don’t know.

4. Where was Benedict XVI born?
a. Sweden
b. Australia
c. Germany

5. How many Christian people live in Europe?
a. 500.000
b. four of each five in the world
c. one of each four in the world

6. What do foreign people think about Catholicism?
a. They think it should open “the windows´´
b. They think everything is ok
c. None of the others

7. Where does Catholicism want to focus?
a. On prayers
b. On charity
c. On human being

8. Tick the correct answer
a. The needs of animals are forgotten
b. The needs of the people are forgotten
c. The needs of finance are forgotten

Colloquial Sentences





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