2nd Term

Unit 3 “Family matters”

You are expected to create a dialogue using the vocabulary you have seen on Unit 3 “Family matters”. You can use PIXTON or a simple Drive document where your can paste some images.

Gonzalo & Victor

Sara Pascual & Gabriele Kersulyte

Ignasi M.C

Victor sanchez & Pablo mera

Maria Navarro

Berta Morant, Sara Rocher, Zaira Blay & Raquel Muñoz

Jaime Frasquet y Jeremías Seguí


Roberto Marti

Jose Antonio Sierra y David Ortolà

Marc Sierra, Mireia Cerda & Pablo Asuncion

Javi Perez and Josep Estruch


Sara p.v

Jordi Muñoz & Baptiste Fuster

Rebeca Vayá Rivero & Silvia Suñer Chillida

Vicent Pelegri

Ariadna Apio & Andrea Castelló

Andrea Blasco y Rebeca Monzó

Paula Sanchis & Laia Fuster


Silvia Suñer

Nerea Barbosa Lopez

Paula Romero & Lucia Suñer

Claudia Quilis & Maria Signes

Aina Monzó & Irene Torres

Elia Ivars & Maëva Mauroy

Paula Romero Rubio

Ariadna Apio

Andrés Aparisi Villanueva & Joan Moratal

Christmas Curiosities

What do you know about Christmas? I would like you to look for 7 curiosities about it, for example:

* Why did we start eating GRAPES at New Year’s Eve in 1909?

* Which is the typical Christmas tree?

* How many reindeers does St. Claus’ sledge have?

Now we can play with it in KAHOOT.IT

Unit 4.- Getting There




Let’s work on:

* Airport 1 & 2

* Train Station 1 & 2

* Public places 1 & 2

* Transport

2.- Travelling around the world

1.- We have to write some kind of diary about our trip. We went to _______ for a week. Create a PPT with images of your chosen destination in order to prepare a presentation in class.

I have chosen London.

We have just travelled to London with our classmates:  have a look at vocabulary and expressions on Unit 4  to tell us about your trip  (it must be in the Past Tense). You must talk about:

* Add a map of our destination

* Your luggage (clothes and accesories you took – talk about the weather in that city + Did you go camping or did you stay in a hotel?- show us a picture of the room, price…)

* Means of transport you used (time of taking off in the plane, price… / look for information about the main train station / show us a picture of the underground and tell us some information about it/ how are taxis in there?)

* Places you visited (add a picture +  did you hired a travel guide?, tell us curiosities about each place, did you buy souveniers?)

2.- Here you are a Webquest about Great Britain which may help you + Remember to use UNIT 4 vocabulary!!!!

Ss’ material

Sara Pascual & Gabriele √

Victor Malonda & Gonzalo LLinares √

Jeremias Segui, Jaime Frasquet, David Ortola, Jose Sierra √

Mireia Cerdà, Pablo Asuncion & Marc Sierra √

Ivan Mas & Alberto Juarez

Ignasi Morant & Román Buj  √

María Navarro & Jessica Rodriguez √

Roberto Martí & Andrés Viñarta √

Raquel Muñoz, Zaira Blay, Sara Rocher & Berta Morant √

Samuel Gabaldón, Pablo Mera, Victor Sánchez & Juan Carlos Sánchez

2nd B ESO

Vicent Sendra, Vicent Pelegrí & Marc Miñana  √

Andrea Blasco & Rebeca Monzó √

Aina Monzó & Irene Torres √

Andrés Aparisi & Ana Miele √

Claudia Quilis & Maria Signes √

 Andrea Castelló & Ariadna Apio √

Álvaro Lumbreras Alvarado & Xavi Zacarés Fornés √

Paula Sanchis & Laia Fuster √

Carla Galiano & Olivia Valls √

Nerea Barbosa & Lucia Llorca √

Paula Romero & Rebeca Vayá √

Elia Ivars & Lucia Suñer √

Andrea Castelló & Ariadna Apio  √

Silvia Suñer & Maeva Mauroy √

Jose Miguel Ribes & Jorge Grau √

PASSWORD GAME about Sports

Password Game to revise Sports

Password Solutions


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