2nd TERM – 3 ESO


Christmas curiosities

Laura Ramón & Erika Martí

Claudia Ascó, Sara Nácher, Lara Micó & Andrea Mengual

Claudia Rocher, Maria Moncho ,Mireia Miró & Ester Cabrera

Noel Peiró & Pablo Moragues

Adrian Tur & ???????

Gustavo & Sherill

Jose Palmier & Sandra Llorca

Sonia Pascual & Cristina Gardó

2nd Term – Warm up

Task 1: (Student A)- Ask the following Trivia Questions to your partner:







 In ‘Finding Nemo’, what is Nemo’s dad called? Marvin, Marlin or Martin?
In which year was the LEGO company founded? 1932, 1942 or 1952?Rome has never hosted the Summer Olympic Games. TRUE or FALSE?Iron Man 3 is released this year. What is the name of the new villain?
The Mandarin, The Marvellin or The Mandible?Does the word ‘clandestine’ mean noisy, secret or colourful?Which is taller? The Eiffel Tower or The Statue of Liberty?


(Student B) – Ask the following Trivia Questions to your partner:

1.-  How many muscles might we use to take a single step? 20, 200 or 2000?

2.- Which is the correct spelling for this fruit? Avacado, avacardo or avocado?

3.- What is Lady Gaga’s proper Christian name? Stacey, Sunny or Stefani?

4.- Female hair grows quicker than male hair. TRUE or FALSE?

5.- Which animal is sometimes known as ‘The Old Man of the Woods’?

6.- In which year did Las Vegas officially become a city? 1911, 1941 or 1971?


Task 2.- Let’s revise vocabulary and grammar with cards.Here you are two examples so you can create your own game.



Which country gave us the words ‘shampoo’ and ‘pyjamas’?

•What is your partner wearing?





Let’s play with your own cards (3rd B ESO)

3rd A ESO Cards

British Council Listening

UNIT 4.- talking about fashion

Talk for 5 minutes on the following issues:

* Describe the clothes your partner is wearing

*  What is fashionable nowadays?. Do you like fashion?. Do you wear trendy clothes?

* What do you think about the catwalks? what about the thin models?

* Tell about the last event you were in (wedding / Saturday night…, what were you wearing?

vocabulary games:

Biography: Sean Connery


Choose a biography/ documentary/ interview about a famous person and create 10 comprehension questions about that listening.

Here you are an example of a video to take information from:

2.- Now play Kahoot.it

Neus Forrat & Carla Soler

Laura Ramón & Erika Martí

Sandra Mengual & Lydia Ferragud. Taylor Swift + KAHOOT.IT

Andrea Ciscar, Bea Ruiz, Andrea Lucas & Carme Ferrando

Gador Cremaes Vega, Eric Velasco Navarro, Laura Frau Mascarell & Maria Maza Casas + KAHOOT.IT (Rihanna)

Vicente Balaguer & Nicolas Maroto + KAHOOT.IT (C. Ronaldo)

Salva Ciscar & Joaquin Suarez

Carla Soler & Neus Forrat

Héctor Giner & Aarin Seguí

Carlos Molina & Josele Blay

Alex Rodríguez Manglano & Víctor Atienza Soler

Cristian Moncho & Guillermo Ibiza

Toni Bañuls

Nicolás Maroto & Vicente Balaguer   + Video

Pablo Díaz & Aaron Sande

Begoña Bertó & Alba Muñoz

María Monzó, Carla Andrés & Sandra Nadal

Cristina Herreros & Ana Catala

** Sonia Pascual & Cristina Gardó + KAHOOT.IT (Taylor Swift)
** Andrea Mengual, Lara Micó + KKAHOOT.IT (Angelina Jolie)
** Claudia Ascó y Sara + KKAHOOT.IT (Angelina Jolie)



British Council Listening

Speaking Practice 1



1.- Try to match the following messages:

                         1-   😦                              KISS
                         2-   :S                              TWO
                         3-   FB                              WORRIED
                      4-     W@                              SAD
                         5-   2MORO                HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                         6-   2                            WHAT
                         7-   B4                            FACEBOOK
                      8-   H-BDAY                          BEFORE
                         9-   X                            TOMORROW

Now try to write the following texts using these abbreviations

1.- Please wait for me after school tomorrow

2.- Why are you sad? I hate to see you cry

3.- Thanks for the present. Love and kisses!

4.- Are you on Facebook? It’s great!

2.- Have a look at the following images and talk to your partner about the best destination for:

a) a family with kids

b) a honeymoon

c) teenagers

d) an old couple

These links may help you:

Agreeing & disagreeing 

So do I & Neither do I

3.- Tabú Game

Sit in groups of 4. Two Ss will have a look at the words and the other couple are not allowed to see as they are supposed to guess them. The aim is to describe the words in the first column without using the rest.

Group A (Card for Group B is on Unit 7, 3rd Term)


wood, legs, plastic, four


teacher, class, students, subjects


client, restaurant,bar, food.


thieves, police car, police station.


clothes,sleeves, summer, cool.


hospital, nurse, ill, surgeon.


boyfriend, girlfriend, heart, affect.


animal, green, cruack, jumps


film, premier, famous, actress


screen, mouse, internet keyboard

4.- Difficulties with Modals? Try with THIS



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