3rd TERM – 3 rd ESO


Task 1.- Talk in pairs about the pros and cons of living in a  CITY or COUNTRY LIFE (have a look at vocabulary from unit 5). THESE expressions may help you.

Task 2.- You are expected now to:

1.- join in groups (4/5 people) and choose a current issue to develop (some help could be at the Real World Issues at the end of your book or FASHION (unit 4 from their students book) , TECHONOLOGY/ MOBILE PHONES / IPADS… (unit 6) & TEEN TROUBLES (unit 9)

2.- prepare a class debate (tell me the chosen issue): you must include videos about the issue, documentaries or newspaper articles, images… Remember to add a list with all the vocabulary your classmates might need to talk about it.

When the presentation day arrives, each group will expose its issue WITHOUT SHOWING THE PROS & CONS. Then each member must join a different mini-group and guide them in their debate.

3.- looking for guides to be taken into account in an oral presentation (non-verbal communication, clothes, eye contact, audience proximity…) or when debating

Some examples:

Mobile Phones (do not add the PROS and cons SLIDE as done in this presentation!!)



Choose your issue to prepare a debate in class. LINK

Getting ideas: previous courses – Debates: Useful expressions and vocabulary

Ss’ debates


Marc Sierra, Jose Sierra, David Ortolá, Andrés Viñarta, Roberto Martí – Book vs film

Jeremías Seguí, Jaime Frasquet, Víctor Malonda, Alberto Juárez, Ignasi Morant, Iván MásUFOs/ aliens

Ana Muñoz, Maite Escrivà, María Navarro, Carla F – ???

Mireia Cerdá, Sara Pascual, Ivana López, Elisa Orengo, Alba Martí – Boys & Girls

Samuel Gabaldón, Víctor Sánchez, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Pablo Mera  –  Discrimination/Racism/Bullying

Nadia Azam, Paula Sarrió, Zaira Blay, Raquel Muñoz, Gabriele K Science vs Religion

Román Buj, Gonzalo Llinares, Sara Rocher, Berta Morant  – Apple vs Android


Rebeca Vayá, Lucía Suñer, Silvia Suñer and Laia Fuster– Plastic Surgery

Maëva Mauroy, Maria Signes, Irene Torres and Aina Monzo – iPad vs Book

Andrea Blasco, Andrea Castelló, Carla Galiano, Rebeca Monzó, Claudia Quilis, Olivia Valls– To be single

Paula Sanchis & ….??????


British Council Listening


Do you fancy singing with Pharrell Williams?

Tabú Game

Sit in groups of 4. Two Ss will have a look at the words and the other couple are not allowed to see as they are supposed to guess them. The aim is to describe the words in the first column without using the rest.

Group B (Card for Group A are on Unit 6, 2nd Term)

Football:  Ball, team, stadium, players

legs: sport, feet, fingers, for walking

Home: Bathroom, room, bedroom, living room

Means of transports: Car, bicycle, boat, ship

Pencilcase:Pencil, rubber, pen, crayon

Body: Legs, arms, person, movement

Mountain: Tree, flowers,animals, grass

Face: Eyes, ears, hair, mouth

Dictionary: Letters,words, meaning, translate

Colours: Orange, red, blue, green.

Have a look at the following images and answer the questions:

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

1.- Could you tell your partner the number of countries you can find in UK (United Kingdom)?

2.- What country is each of the images in?

3.- How much is a ticket?

4.- What are the opening hours?

5.- Which one would you like to visit? Why?


British Council Listening


1.- Talk to your partner for a couple of minutes: How many sports do you know in English? What kind of sports do you practice? What kind of equipment do sporty people need?

2.- Have a look at the following options for your leisure time and discuss your plans with a partner.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

3- Sports Listening 1- Listen to the following article and do the exercises to improve your listening skills.

4.- Sports listening 2


5.- CULTURAL CURIOSITIES- Have a look at the following videos/images and comment with your partner:
Rush hour in China:
Thailand market:
Indian train:
Baby carts in Germany:
Camerun “food”:
Thailand: Giraffe women:
98 Curiosities:
The Burka:

6.- Listening 1-  Enter the British Council web and listen to the article about India. Next answer the TASK.

7- Listening 2- Choose one of the articles on the following web and answer the questions. 

8.- Colloquial expressions- I’m sure you have always tried to translate some colloquial expressions into English this way:

For if the flies — Por si las moscas

If I have seen you I don’t remember — Si te he visto no me acuerdo

To another thing butterfly — A otra cosa mariposa

But, obviously, they are not correct. Try to look for English expressions on the following web.


British Council Listening

Password Game


Password solutions

Here you are some photos to discuss about with your partner.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

Real World Project





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