2nd TERM – 4th ESO


 UNIT 4: Session 1


Task 1.- What kind of inventions will we find in the year 2200? If we could travel in time, what would we bring from that year? Information about lottery tickets?

Have a look at these inventions, they will make our lives easier.

Task 2.- Have a look at the evolution of the telephone. What will future bring?

Task 3.- Look for the 10 most interesting inventions in time, stick a picture on a Drive document and share it with me.

This may help: Ten top inventions of all times

LISTENING B1.- (Work on 2 of the listening activities you will find on the right column.


UNIT 4: Session 2

PROJECT – THE NEWS: you’re going to write or be the presenters in a “News Program” -in pairs 

These are some of the issues you can be talking about. Choose two of them: Entertainment, Education and Culture, Science and Technology, Business, Travel, Health, Politics, Current Affairs, International and National news, Sport, Weather…

Option A: Writing – you must join in pairs to write two pieces of news about the chosen issues. You may need to look for pictures related to the news you’re going to comment on.

Here you are an EXAMPLE of the kind of Newspaper I’m talking you about.

Option B: Recording your piece of news – You can perform as real presenters and tell your stories/articles as in the TV news.Here you are some CLUES which may help you.

UNIT 5: Sessions 1 & 2

Listening.- Problems at the train station

How to use the Oyster Card (London Underground)

Watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. How many stations are there in the London underground?
  2. And how many lines?
  3. How many miles of track are there in total?
  4. Which is the longest track in the world?
  5. Which are the three busiest undergrounds in Europe?
  6. What is the Oyster card?
  7. Where can you buy this card? Name at least three places.
  8. Which train do you have to take if you want to go to “Bond Street”?
  9. What platform does it leave from?
  10. How do you say “escaleras mecánicas” in English?
  11. When should you take the lift?

If you have finished the exercises you may want to revise the means of transport by playing this game

Listenings A1, A2, B1, B2

LISTENING B1: listen to ONE of them

Film Project: Plot – Setting – Characters – Filming Curiosities – Dubbing information


Have a look at the following ANIMAL IDIOMS
It’s raining cats and dogs
They are fighting as cats and dogs
I’m sick as a parrot
It’s dead as a dodo
Take the bull by its horns
Like a bull in a Chinese shop
Look for Spanish idioms and try to find its English translation (NOT THE LITERAL ONE):
* Estás como una cabra: You are like a goat (NO) = Mad as a bunch of frogs
* Eres tonto: You are a donkey (NO) = You are an ass
* Se te ha comido la lengua el gato = The cat has got your tongue
* Eres más raro que un perro verde :You are stranger than a green dog (NO) = You’re so strange
* A caballo regalado no le mires el diente: Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth
* Tener memoria de pez: To have fish memory (NO) = To have the memory of a goldfish
* Tener pájaros en la cabeza: You have birds in your mind (NO) = You’re up in the clouds
* Matar dos pájaros de un tiro: To kill two birds in one shoot (NO) = To kill two birds with one stone
* Buscarle las tres patas al gato = To make something more difficult than it is
* Perro ladrador, poco mordedor: The dog which barks a lot does not bite (NO) = His bark is worse than his bite
* Vista de halcón = The eye-sight of a hawk
* You must wait until pigs fly = You wait until the cows come home
* Eres más listo que un zorro: You’re as clever as a fox (NO) = You’re as wise as an owl
LISTENINGS: Choose two listening activities from each link


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