ORAL1.- 3 lies

ORAL2.- Picture discussion. Extra Speaking 1

LIST1.- Extra Listening Practice 1.- Being a Quest Leader


ORAL3. Giving opinions.TM2 Extra Speaking 4

LIST2.- LET’S GO SHOPPING. Extra Listening Practice2

Discuss with your partner the following images:



The power of Technology

The importance of learning a second language

They have finished their studies. Next step?

Reality Shows



ORAL4.- Advantages & Disadvantages studying methods

LIST3.- A loving haircut. VP2 Extra Listening Practice 2


ORAL5.- FCE Practice Test 3. Talking topics

ORAL6.- FCE Practice Test 4. Talking topics

ORAL7.- Who killed Mr Jameson? + CLUES

ORAL8.- Tiny Talk (Thanks, Sorry, Please & Introducing so)

ORAL9.- The gossip game + characters’ photocopies for each S

ORAL10.- Answering the phone I + help II & III

ORAL 11.- Picture comparison & Role play

ORAL12.- Telephone conversations

ORAL13.- Problem page 2

ORAL14.- Picture comparison & debate about Smoking

LIST4.- Education.- Oxford English I Use

LIST5.- Extra Listening Practice 5. VWP 2.- Bite Back

LIST6.- Listening Test 5.- TP2.- TV and Film consultants



LIST7.- Extra Listening Practice 4. VWP2: “Scams & Hoaxes on the Internet”

ORAL16.- debate Microchip identification (advantages & disadvantages)

LIST8 Listening Test 1. TP2 “Civil Rights in Cyberspace”

LIST9.- Extra listening Practice 3. TP2 “All in a logo”

LIST10.- Listening Test9. TP2. “Travel Conversations”

ORAL15.- Picture comparison. Future expectations

Debates: Useful expressions and vocabulary




Listening Comprehension

How does Regina’s mom describe herself?

– As cool girl.

– As regular mum.

– As cool mum.

Cady thinks the song is sung by:

– Space Dogs

– Spice Girls

– Avril Lavigne

Regina says that she has:

– Man shoulders

– Great shoulders

– Short neck

What has Cady in the morning?

– Dark circles

– Huge pores

– Bad breath

Is there any alcohol in the cocktail?

– Yes

– No

– A little

What is the Burn Book about?

– They put pictures of their high school mates and bad comments about them.

– They are doing the school annuary.

– The Burn Book is Regina’s diary.



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